Cadenzas, Lead-ins, and Embellishments by Michael Sweeney for Mozart's Concerto for the Bassoon (K.191=186e)


Click to listen: Allegro | Andante | Rondeau

“[Sweeney's] cadenzas, embellishments and lead-ins exceptionally match the spirit of the concerto ...” Gramophone, June 2005


· Modeled on various cadenzas, lead-ins, and embellishments from Mozart's Piano Concertos and arias.
· Engraved
· Includes cadenzas for the Allegro and the Andante
· Includes
lead-ins for the Allegro (an Eingang terminating before the folllowing Tutti) and the Rondeau (an Übergang leading into the following Solo section)
· Includes embellishments for the Andante.
· Includes a credit toward the purchase of The Bassoonist's Companion to Mozart's Concerto.