1772 Salzburg Divertimenti (K.136-138)

1773.I "Exsultate, jubilate" (K.165 (158a))
1773.IV.14 Violin Concerto in Bb major (K.207 / No.1)
1773.X.5 Symphony in g minor (K.180 (173c) / No.25 / "little g minor")
1773.XII Piano Concerto in D major (K.175 / No.5)
1774 Portrait of Rheiner by Horemans depicting a pinhole in the crook covered by a pad operated by a key on the wing-joint
1774.IV.6 Symphony in A major (K.201 (186a) / No.29)
1774.VI.1 Concertone (K.190 (186E))
1774.VI.4 Bassoon Concerto MS (K.191 (186e))
1774.XII Leopold meets Rheiner in Frankfurt
1775.I.13 "La finta giardiniera" (K.196) premièred at Munich
1775 Mozart meets Dürnitz in Munich
1775.I-III Piano Sonata in D (K.284 (205b) / "Dürnitz")
1775 Sonata for bassoon and violoncello (K.292 (196c))
1775.VI.14 Violin Concerto in D major (K.211 / No.2)
1776.I Piano Concerto in Bb (K.238 / No.6)
1777.X? Mozart meets Ritter at Mannheim


Sinfonia Concertante (K.297B) for four solo winds completed at Paris
1778.V-VI "Les petits rien" (ballet) (K.299b) completed at Paris
1780 Fingering Chart by Cugnier to f "
1781 Mozart moves permanently to Vienna
1781.XII Mozart meets Rheiner
1784.II.9 Mozart begins "Verzeichnis Alle Meiner Werk"
1786/87 six-keyed bassoon (with handrest)
1787 Fingering chart by Ozi to d " (seven-keyed bassoon including one octave-key on the wing-joint)
1787 Third edition of Leopold Mozart's "Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule"
1787.V Leopold dies at Salzburg
1787.VI< Mozart MSs in Leopold's possession sent to Mozart in Vienna (K.191 possibly included)
1791 Fourth edition of Leopold Mozart's "Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule"
1791.XII.5 Mozart dies at Vienna

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