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Mozetich's Concerto for Bassoon and Strings with Marimba
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“… I responded most strongly to Mozetich’s Concerto, scored for solo bassoon with strings orchestra and marimba accompaniment, with its imaginative exploration of instrumental timbres against Sweeney’s wide range of bassoon sonorities.

“The piece … occasionally flirts with profundity and its beguiling sonorities are subtly seductive.”

- Opus magazine -
Robert Jordan


“... engaging ...

“The blend of marimba and bassoon in the upper register in the Mozetich creates a timbre that is exciting.”

- American Record Guide -
David Schwartz


“The program was completed by the world premiere performance of Concerto For Bassoon And Strings [And Marimba] by Marjan Mozetich, described by the program as ‘the most frequently requested and broadcast Canadian composer today.’

“As surprising as the claim appeared, there was no doubting the accessibility of Mozetich's music.
Although a teacher at Queen's University in Kingston since 1991, he writes in a decidedly non-academic style, far less cerebral than that of his erstwhile Queen's colleague, Istvan Anhalt.

“Commissioned with Ontario Arts Council support by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's principal bassoonist since 1989, the splendid Michael Sweeney, the Concerto is a one movement marriage of lyricism and minimalism, with much repetition of its basic materials and no exploitation of the aspects of the instrument's personality responsible for its having been dubbed the clown of the orchestra.

“Sweeney played with all the agility the music required and was especially impressive in drawing such a rich, burnished tone from the bassoon's lower register in the slow passages.”

- The Toronto Star -
William Littler
(concert review)


“Essentially a tonal work, this almost 22 minute composition begins with the bassoon in the high register and, incorporating elements of minimalism, builds with intensity into a fascinating climactic section in alternating 6/8 and 3/4 rhythm. Following this is a gorgeous slow section full of expressive and luscious melody for both the bassoon and the strings. Composer Marjan Mozetich can really write beautiful melodies! Gradually, however, the music works its way back into the rushing, Impressionist-like music that began the work. Along the way the bassoon soloist has plenty of opportunity to dazzle with rapid passagework that includes extensive double-tonguing sections. At the very end the haunting, hollow, minimalist music of the d minor opening returns to bring the work to a quiet but convincing conclusion. The use of the marimba throughout is also a nice touch to the work.

This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of music! I am truly blown away by it. It is, I feel, one of the most expressive and rich pieces of music I have heard for sometime – a truly excellent new addition to the bassoon literature.”

- The Double Reed -
Quarterly Journal of the International Double Reed Society
Ronald Klimko


“[Graham] Hargrove's marimba adds a rhythmic pulse to the lush string textures in Marjan Mozetich's gorgeous Concerto...

- Wholenote Magazine -
David Olds, editor


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