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“[Sharman's At Dusk] is slow and mysterious, featuring harp as well as bassoon as lead voices, and allowed Sweeney ample opportunity to weave a hypnotic pattern through the texture provided by Mayumi Seiler and her string orchestra.”

- The Globe and Mail -
premiere performance review


At Dusk for Bassoon, String Orchestra, Harp and Timpani by Rodney Sharman was originally the first movement of an orchestral work with an extensive bassoon solo. The composer re-worked it first for bassoon and piano, then into its present guise. ... It is a 7+ minute gentle work, very slow and impressionistic in its sad and mournfully nostalgic gentleness. Although it borders on atonalism, it still manages, through a mostly traditional and slowly unfolding melodic approach, to create its mood of tender longing. [At Dusk] is a truly lovely composition…

Ronald Klimko, editor
- The Double Reed -
Quarterly Journal of the International Double Reed Society
mozart and well beyond CD review


"Lush and lyrical is also how I would describe... Rodney Sharman's At Dusk..."

- Wholenote Magazine - (David Olds, editor)
mozart and well beyond CD review


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