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“... there is ... poignancy in Welsh’s nostalgic Serenade [which] has marvellous harp passagework by Erica Goodman complementing sensuous harmonies.”

Andrew Druckenbrod
- The Gramophone -
June 2005


“... fine craftsmanship ...

“... lyrical and melodious ...”

Robert Jordan
- Opus magazine -


“... a fantastic composition ...

[Michael Welsh’s] Serenade is a lover’s serenade. The powerful tenor-register D (about two-thirds up the range of the instrument) repeated at the beginning serves to focus the listener’s attention on that ‘call’ and lingers in the ear for the rest of the piece. This piece is romantic and seemingly programmatic.”

David Schwartz
- American Record Guide -


Serenade for Bassoon, Strings and Harp, a lengthy single movement 25+ minute composition by Michael Welsh, … is a gentle work, significant in that it is less a concerto to showcase the bassoon, and more a series of connected musical vignettes … The musical language of Michael Welsh is that of expanded tonality ... with much of the work being in a lullaby-like 6/8 rocking meter. The effect of this is that the music [seems] to glide by gently, as if on water at times. Following a cadenza for the bassoon alone, the bassoon, riding on a 6/8 sea of string and harp accompaniment, plays a full-blown melody that re-enforces the Barcarole character of the composition. A more spirited section follows this, finally, bringing this lovely work to a spirited conclusion - [a] top notch work for bassoon in every way!”

Ronald Klimko
- The Double Reed -
Quarterly Journal of the International Double Reed Society


"Lush and lyrical is also how I would describe... Michael Welsh's Serenade."

- Wholenote Magazine -
(David Olds, editor)


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