“What a fabulous recording…!
It is such a relief to hear a performance of the Mozart [Concerto] with some original thinking and imagination.
I love [the one-on-a-part] transparency, … [your] creativity in the rondo …, [the] phrase shapings ... the whole thing is an absolute intriguing interpretation which I will return to many times.
Every bassoonist should hear this insightful recording.”

Christopher Millard
Principal Bassoonist
National Art Centre Orchestra (Ottawa)


“[This] CD is terrific.
Great sound – beyond ‘bright’ or ‘dark’ – very lively, …
beautiful vibrato, and an amazing [dynamic] range, too.
[The] Mozart [performance] … really opens new doors on that favorite tune.”

Richard Ranti
Associate Principal Bassoonist
Boston Symphony Orchestra


“I think every [player] who's the least bit serious about the bassoon needs to hear a performance of the Mozart that brings [this] kind of serious thought to the table. Also, beautiful playing, of course...”

Michael O'Donovan
Studio Bassoonist, Los Angeles
former Principal Bassoonist, Mexico City Philharmonic


“I'm still reeling from the Mozart.
[My] jaw dropped - 'Oh my Gods' alternated with laughs of delight.
[It's] certainly a fresh approach.
I admit I never thought it could be so interesting and free in spirit.”

Lisa Storchheim
Principal Bassoonist
Tasmania Symphony Orchestra (Australia)


« Je pense que tous les mélomanes et les bassonistes devraient vous être reconnaissants d'avoir en quelque sorte ‘donner naissance’ aux deux très belles oeuvres de Mozetich et Welsh.
Votre jeu y est particulièrement expressif. »

Mathieu Lussier
Basson solo
Les Violons du Roy


“I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your new CD. You should be very proud of the results, satisfying compositions that are beautifully played.
Thanks for all of your efforts.”

Edith Stacey
Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (Alberta, Canada)


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