Six Etudes after Robert Schumann’s “Abegg” Variations

· Adapted for solo bassoon by Michael Sweeney from the original piano solo (1829-30)
· Engraved
· Very challenging!

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Errata (pdf) for first two printings (before 2004)


Toronto bassoonist Michael Sweeney has adapted this work for bassoon from the original piano score and it is a tour-de-force! Technically, it is an extremely demanding work. Often ascending to high-Eb², the work requires the very best in terms of both technique and romantic interpretation - somewhat in the manner of the second volume of Milde [Concert] Studies, but even more so. It is a definite Level IV+ overall, and would be a challenge to any bassoonist.

On the plus side, however, is the beauty of the music, the excellence of the arrangement, the clarity of the notated score, and the satisfaction one might draw from working [on] such a beautiful, romantic work. As Michael points out in his accompanying letter: “The work poses extraordinary technical and musical challenges, and so could be a very useful teaching tool for exploration of [technique] and Romantic interpretive style.” The variations are beautifully structured to rise ... to a vivacissimo-but-pianissimo ending that could be a wonderful vehicle of expression for the solo bassoon, not only in the teaching studio, but on the recital stage as well. Thanks to Michael for this lovely, difficult adaptation!

Ronald Klimko

from: The Double Reed, Vol. 21, No. 2