b.X = beat X
m.X = measure X
s-b = should be


Bartok/Dance Suite
Figure 1: slur connecting Bb and Ab should connect Ab and Cb / add stacc. dot to B-flat
6 measures before figure 8: remove one measure of high-A (that is, 15 measures between figures 7 and 8)

Ravel/La valse
3/m.1: mf s-b mp
80/m.5: C s-b A(flat)

Ravel/Rapsodie espagnole
i/4/m.5: “expressif” s-b “très expressif” (s-b moved back to b.1)
i/4/m.5: first high-A s-b stacc. dot
i/4/m.5: second high-A to rest s-b diminuendo
i/4/m.5: mf s-b moved to b.2 (climax of cresc.)
i/5/m.1: s-b pp sub.
i/8/b.3: dim. should last entire b.3
i/8/b.6: s-b without fermata
i/8/b.16: s-b fermata (on half-note)
i/8/half-note before "Très ral." s-b fermata
i/9: s-b pp
ii/2/m.2: s-b dim.
ii/2/m. s-b stacc. dot
ii/3/m.2: s-b p
ii/4/m.2: s-b p dim.
ii/4/m.4: s-b >, pp
ii/7/m.5/b.3: s-b stacc. dot
ii/9/m.2, 4: climax to f
ii/9/m.5: s-b p, dim. to rest
ii/11/m.1: s-b f, one continuous cresc. to /12
ii/11/m.4 and 5: slur over three notes only
ii/11/m.5/b.3: s-b >
ii/14/m.4: s-b >
iii/5/m.1-4: climax to p positioned at m.3/b.1
iii/5/m.5: s-b [pp], climax positioned at b.2
iii/7/m.2: s-b >
iii/7/m.3: s-b > on D-natural
iii/7/m.4/b.1: s-b >
iii/8/m.3: s-b same rhythm as m.1 and m.2
iii/8/m.4: s-b F-natural
iii/10/m.2: s-b dim.
iii/10/m.4: s-b dim. under G-flat
iv/1: s-b without stacc. dot
iv/3/m.2: s-b p
iv/4/m.5/b.2: s-b f
iv/4/m.6/b.3: s-b pp
iv/6/m.4/first eighth-note s-b: stacc. dot
iv/6/m.4/first and second eighth-notes: s-b broken beam
iv/9/m.2: crec. s-b to p
iv/9/m.6: s-b f
iv/10 to 11: s-b stacc. dots on all Es
iv/10/m.4: s-b ff on fifth eighth-count
iv/11/m.2/b.2: s-b (p), stacc. dot
iv/18/m.3: s-b: mf s-b p, without stacc. dot
iv/21: s-b articulated, stacc. dot, f
iv/22/m.3: s-b “Solo”
iv/23: s-b mf
iv/27/m.1-4: s-b slurred by two measures [as bsn.2], climax to p
iv/27/m.6: s-b three notes slurred only
iv/27/m.8: delay cresc. to /28
iv/28/m.5: s-b slurred to next measure (/29)
iv/29: s-b stacc. dot
iv/29: s-b slurred from second eighth-note
iv/29: B-flat s-b B-natural
iv/29-30: s-b four measure cresc. from pp to ff (no mf m.3)
iv/30/m.1-4: s-b stacc. dot (plus >) on all C-sharp eighthnotes
iv/32/m.1: slur from B-flat to high-B-flat
iv/32/m.1: slur from fifth eighth-count to next measure
iv/32/m.2/b.1: s-b p [see Ravel's arrangement for 2 pianos]
iv/32/m.2: scale s-b with B-natural

Shostakovich/Symphony 12
i/m.53: downbeat: [s-b staccato dot and >]
i/m.57: B-(flat) s-b B-natural
i/m.69: s-b staccato dot
i/m.104: s-b slur from m.103
i/m.111: E s-b E[flat]
i/m.115: 6th quarter beat s-b >
i/m.116: 2nd quarter beat s-b >
i/m.286: s-b slurs as in 285
i/m.289: [G#?]
i/m.396: G half-note s-b F
ii/m.116: E[sharp] s-b E[natural]
iii/m.3-4: "Allegro" s-b in m.3
iii/m.147: 3/4 s-b 3/2
iv/m.205: half-note s-b dotted half-note
iv/m.277: 3rd B s-b quarter-rest
iv/m.303: accents as in 301
iv/m.376: no slur/tie

Strauss/Till Eulenspiegel
m.___: F is correct (insertion of tenor clef to change F to C is incorrect)

Tchaikovsky/Symphony 1
i/C/m.17-22: s-b without slurs
i/D/m.14: B s-b with >
i/D/m.17: G s-b with > / slur s-b from G
i/D/m.20: E s-b with >
i/V/m.7-12: s-b without slurs
ii/B/1: add half-rest
ii/F/m.19: tenor clef s-b bass clef
iii/D/m.27: B# s-b B[natural]
iii/D/m.34: A s-b A[natural]
iii/E/m.12: s-b without p
iii/E/m.14: A(flat) s-b with [>]
iii/L/m.15: s-b without pp

Tchaikovsky/Symphony 4
i/m.82, 84: s-b > on first notes following cellos
i/m.127: p s-b removed [p is from bsn.2 part - bsn.2 should begin on 32nd; not dotted-16th]
i/m.165: C# in staff is correct (change to E is incorrect)
ii/m.122: G(flat) s-b G-natural
ii/m.123: E(flat) s-b E-natural
ii/m.253: both Fs s-b with dots
ii/m.252: s-b [cresc.] (following Obs. & Clars.?)
ii/m.255: s-b dim.
iv/m.14: mf s-b removed [mf is from bsn.2 part]

Tchaikovsky/Symphony 6
i/7th measure after F/2nd beat/3rd sixteenth: B s-b C(#)



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